Portal Solutions


  • Quickly find and use the necessary data
  • Present large amounts of data in a user-friendly and convenient way when the data should be communicated to the end user
  • Manage information freely
  • Quickly distribute information among users
  • Differentiate user access rights to information
  • And many other features depending on the needs of your business

What are their types?

External portal solutions

External portal solutions are designed for Internet users. A portal solution allows presenting the fragmented targeted content for different groups of users as a coherent whole.

Internal portal solutions

Internal portal solutions (Intranet portals) are designed for a limited number of users, who usually are the employees of one company. The internal portal is a single point of entry into the information environment of the company, while having necessary features to distinguish the user access rights to different types of information.

Corporate social networks

Corporate social networks ensure effective communication of employees at different levels, accelerate business processes and build business connections across distances. Employees’ profiles, data exchange, teamwork, microblogs and forums, communities, idea sharing and other functions allow building a unified and easily manageable information space of the company.


Dashboards solve several major problems: present fragmented accounting information in a single interface, display data from several reporting systems on a single screen and disclose structured and relevant information, set up the operational situation center, inform users in real-time and/or according to a schedule, and handle any other problems associated with data visualization from various systems.

Internet banking

Internet banking system allows banks to provide remote banking services, as well as provide customers with access to accounts and transactions via the Internet. You need only a browser to perform such operations. The Internet banking system expands your customer base and streamlines many business processes.

What are the main benefits?

  • Acceleration of information exchange, secure information sharing with the target audience
  • Decreased cost of resource ownership by centralizing information exchange
  • Consolidation of data from fragmented sources
  • Business processes automation
  • Involvement of employees in the company’s information exchange

Applicable Technologies

The most popular technologies used to build portal solutions are:

  • IBM WebSphere Portal
  • LifeRay
  • Backbase Portal
  • Symphony

To build the corporate social network, we suggest using industrial solutions by major vendors, such as:

  • IBM Connections
  • Zimbra

The products to complement portal solutions or corporate social networks are:

  • IBM Sametime, the most interesting and full-featured product for transferring voice, data and video
  • IBM Forms, a designer and processor of various web-forms
  • and many others, depending on the needs of business


We have our own laboratory to develop solutions based on IBM portal products.

What advantages does it give?

  • The possibility to demonstrate virtually any case study after minor adjustments to the platform
  • The possibility to provide a customized product demo
  • The possibility to develop pilot solutions and demonstrate them to a focus group

What is the difference from local development?

The development environment in the lab is provided by vendor, which guarantees:

  • The latest versions of products
  • Advice from leading IBM Corporation experts

What are the benefits?

  • The possibility to get a pilot version of the solution with little customization as soon as possible
  • The possibility to try the solution on a limited number of target users
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