Why do you need good design?

  • To provide users’ convenience and comfort. You should not underestimate the importance of usability in IT. After all, user’s attitude to the product is formed because of the convenience and comfort of working with that product. Good interface, logical and familiar visual relationship do the best for it.
  • To create a visual image that would demonstrate the contents of the product to the fullest and contribute to its promotion. As a tool of advertising, the graphical (web) design encloses in itself a multilayered consumer motivation system. By the visual appearance of the system, the user can immediately figure out the price category, area of activity, and the attitude of the developer to the customer and to the product itself. The absence of a relevant design can give ground to frustration and negative attitude.
  • For the customer to remember and love. Bright, colorful design, harmonious system of visual rules, meeting the best expectations of the customer about the system, together with elaborate and logical interface create a friendly image of the system, remain in the memory of the customer and improve their working conditions.

What we do very well

  • We develop portal designs of any complexity level, from landing pages (advertising pages) to the most sophisticated analytical systems for government customers
  • We design interface of any sophistication level
  • We develop visual prototype systems
  • We develop infographics and illustrations
  • We create presentations and annual reports, both in electronic form and for future printing
  • We develop corporate identity and printed collaterals
  • We design dashboards, video walls and video exhibition stands

Smart design is the combination of a bright visual image with excellent usability.

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