Custom Software Development

Today, typical packaged software does not always ensure successful implementation of organization’s tasks and further development of the company’s business. Often for the full-scale and correct operation software needs a profound adaptation and customization depending on the company specifics and its business process.

The solution to this problem is the custom software development that provides for the construction of the original information system based on the products by major vendors, as well as for a full development of new information systems meeting the individual customer requirements based on our own developments.

Custom software development makes it easy to resolve issues of performance, scalability, reliability, support and further modernization of the developed systems.

One of the core competencies of XDSoft experts is the custom development and implementation of software of any complexity. Our employees have considerable experience in this area and are acknowledged experts of the highest class.

All projects, connected to the development and implementation of software, are carried out using industry approaches and standards based on the requirements of ISO 9001:2000.

Our experts are able to create separate subsystems that function in the structure of the existing system, as well as to implement the full development and integration of automated information systems at various levels.

The service of complex software development includes the following steps:

  • Analysis of customer’s business processes and capabilities of customer’s infrastructure
  • Making a list of automation needs and the choice of technology platform
  • Development of technical and regulatory documentation
  • Development and implementation of information systems
  • Further support and maintenance of the developed solutions

XDSoft experts have extensive experience in the development and implementation of various information systems for a wide range of organizations of different economic sectors, including companies in the financial and oil and gas sectors, government agencies, industrial, healthcare and educational organizations.

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