Big Data

Why do you work with Big Data?

  • To benefit from additional information. A huge amount of data that is generated by consumers, competitors, suppliers, employees, and the media remains outside the usual information field of companies. When the company has a need to explore this data, it spends a lot of time to find and process such information. Using the big data technology will bring together all of the existing data relating to the operations of the organization.
  • To boost effectiveness. By collecting and storing more and more data on the company’s operations, ranging from inventory to statistics on sick leaves, the big data technology helps to identify patterns and relationships, find weaknesses, carry out comparative analysis and thus encourage the best management decisions.
  • To segment customers. The more detailed is the segmentation of customers, the easier it is to meet their needs, thereby increasing the conversion of marketing offers and satisfaction of the existing customers. Using the big data technology, you can increase the number of segments while controlling profitability of highly customized offers and achieving the perfect balance.
  • To reduce costs. The modern methods of textual and numerical analysis allow automatic processing of large amounts of data, thus saving time of the employees. Moreover, the big data solutions are based on clusters of standard servers eliminating the need to purchase high-end equipment, which significantly reduces the total cost of ownership.

Why working with us is advantageous?


  • We are a team of professionals with a strong track record in collecting and analyzing information.
  • We have a wide range of competencies in statistics, behavioral analysis, neural networks, linguistics, construction of heavily loaded systems and software development. When we need help, we are not afraid to involve industry experts.
  • We have excellent dedicated experts, as well as certified project managers, analysts, engineers, and system administrators.
  • We impose no manufacturers’ solutions; rather we are committed to high quality performance.


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