Multiple-purpose portal solution for big and small scale business by XDSOFT

General Product information:

The “Multiple-purpose portal solution for big and small scale business” is best suitable for big companies with more than 30 000 employees. It organizes an integrated information environment for working with diverse information resources and for providing a personified access to all corporate data, services and applications. Our product solves such business tasks as creation of an Intranet portal or a Corporate social network.

Best features:

-    A ready-made solution bringing IBM WebSphere Portal and IBM Connections together to a complex system which combines a web or Intranet portal and a Corporate social network. 
-    The product has been developed considering Russian business realities
-    The product has a large number of features which other similar products are lacking

Extended features description:

-    Collection of “Birthdays” portlets

A number of portlets (short and advanced versions) which provides information about the upcoming Birthdays of your colleagues and all the department (office, company) members.

-    Advanced search in Members Catalogue using “circles”

When searching in Members Catalogue you get first results, which match people from the closest “circles” to you. Circles can be formed by users themselves (by adding someone as friend or colleague) or can replicate company`s internal organization (offices, departments etc).

-    Meeting Room Booking portlet

The “Meeting Room Booking” portlet allows users to easily book a meeting room using a calendar interface (day/week/month) and get all the information about availability of meeting and conference rooms. The portlet supports the geo-targeting feature.

-    Integrated navigation and common elements within all the product components including Intranet portal and Corporate social network

Thanks to this feature there is no visible difference for users any more between the Portal pages and the Social network pages because they have not only one unified menu now but also more common elements on all the web-pages, like common header, footer and background. Diverse Portal pages can be implemented into Connections navigation and the other way round.

-    Surveys within Portal

A new Portal portlet receives data from surveys made in IBM Forms Experience Builder and shows the list of available surveys and its details and opens a survey for users within the Portal interface. The portlet supports the geo-targeting feature and flexible access rights setting features.

-    Access rights assignment using an “organization tree” visual interface 

The access right to any element of WCM can be now assigned by using a special “organization tree” interface. The “tree” represents a company`s internal structure (offices, departments etc) including people.

-    Stopword list helpful for moderation

User content can be now moderated with the help of this portlet – a list of stopwords is formed by moderators and the portlet gives back a list of content containing the forbidden words. 

-    Implementation of user catalogue systems which are not supporting LDAP interfaces

Specially developed connection adapters help to implement (and synchronize) all kind of user catalogue systems even in cases they are not supporting the LDAP protocol. 

-    Administrator interface for managing all Communities

Moderators can now keep an eye on what users post to communities using the list of all existing Communities even if a community is private and they are not members of these communities.

-    Moderation features for editing (deleting) all types of user content

Allows a moderator to edit and delete all types of user content including editing personal information in profiles.

-    Informers “Stock”, “Rate of exchange” and “Weather”

A list of custom portlets showing useful information to increase convenience of usage: Stock rate, Rate of exchange, Weather etc. These portlets supports the geo-targeting feature.

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